Melons Victor Manuel

The boy is back

And he brought back the melons Victor Manuel, with the same flavor and quality guaranteed!

After two years of absence, the melons Victor Manuel are now a safe bet of "Frutas do Cávado, Lda", based on the vast experience of marketing of this fruit, and considering the excellent price/quality ratio that this brand has not hesitated to strategically grab the opportunity to be the owner of Brand "Melons Victor Manuel," a melon with internationally renowned.

It is a privilege to say that is the best melon quoted worldwide:the quality of the seeds, the valleys where it is grown.

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Alongside the marketing of fruits and vegetables "Frutas do Cávado, Lda." offers an efficient service for national and international distribution.


- Our domestic customers may purchase our products, depending on their availability;
- In our warehouses and can select the desired product;
- In refuellers Braga, Porto, Famalicão and Mercominho markets;
- At your premises: if you want to receive the goods in your establishment after ordering. In the case of chains greengrocers, we guarantee the supply of all stores, depending on the need of each.

On each of the options we garantee:

- Fresh Products;
- Quality Products;
- Compliance with agreed deadlines.



We are exporters and representatives of Pera Rocha do Oeste, in partnership with West Producers, result of our high Quality Control and possess the necessary logistics to ensure a perfect reception of the products in the international customers.

The fleet of vehicles "Frutas do Cávado, Lda" consists of isothermal vehicles with ATP certificate, which ensure the freshness and quality of the products. All products are stored and transported by the "Frutas do Cávado, Lda." are accompanied by the respective Technical Data Sheet which provides, among other important elements, conditions of storage, transport, recommendations for handling, labeling, packing and packaging.



We are recognized for the quality of our products, the excellence of our service and integration conduct; promoting trust and satisfaction of our clients.

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